'Oscar has been servicing our cars for many years. He is honest, reliable and doesn't overcharge. He goes out of his way to access economical ways of fixing our car problems and is always willing to point us in the right direction if he can't personally help us out. Thanks Oscar for being such a reliable and great mechanic!'


'RSGC have serviced my car every 6 months for the last 5 years and have done my rego checks for pink slips annually for the same period. Their service is efficient and reliable. The owner, Oscar, goes out of his way to provide customer service. For example; recently the coolant level was low in the coolant container in my engine. Not knowing what to refill it with (okay, so that's a girl thing!) and concerned that it would be empty before the next service, I went to see Oscar and he provided me with a quick solution, and at no charge. Another time between services, I had a squeaky hinge on the driver's side door that no amount of WD40 would fix... yet he fixed it in a flash, as a courtesy... taking time out of a busy day to do it. He understands that customer service is more about an ongoing / repeat relationship with his customers, not just a series of 'single' services.'


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