Suspension Shock Absorbers

Have you noticed that your driving experience is less than smooth? Do you feel every bump in the road, no matter how minor? Improve the comfort you feel everytime you get behind the wheel and get better suspension or shock absorbers from the team at Oscar Auto Services Solutions. With our decades of combined experience and industry knowledge it is little wonder we have risen to become the automotive mechanics and technicians that Sydney motorists trust.

Made from responsive and advanced materials the suspension and shock absorbers that we install in vehicles are modified to suit the differing loads and weight placements unique to the vehicle. Personalised based on our customer’s requirements and the usage of the vehicle we can completely replace the vehicle’s factory standard suspension with a new system.


Gain the support and balance that you need to safely traverse on and off-road environments by getting in touch with the experts at Oscar Auto Services Solutions. To arrange for a consultation regarding our renowned and competitively-priced suspension and shock absorbers installation or repair works call us on 02 9763 2223.

Come in for our honest & friendly service, and you will stay for a lifetime.