Ignition System Service

Guarantee that your car’s engine turns over the first time, everytime by making a booking at Oscar Auto Services Solutions. As automotive experts we know that nothing can ruin your day faster than a car that just won’t start. To help Sydney resident avoid this unfortunate occurrence our skilled and dedicated team can conduct thorough and faultless car ignition system servicing to keep your car running without fail.

Much like a standard vehicle service our ignition system service is designed to identify and address any issues before they become major and costly headaches for the motorist. Able to locate and repair faults that are affecting the successful ignition of the vehicle including damaged spark plugs, frayed or disconnected wiring, or anything in between, our technicians act with speed and skill to deliver a lasting solution that will get you safely back on the roads in as little time as possible.


To give your vehicle the attention it needs at a price that won’t send you broke be sure to give our responsive and responsible team a call on 02 9763 2223.

Come in for our honest & friendly service, and you will stay for a lifetime.