Engine Oil Services

Help prevent impurities from wreaking havoc throughout your car’s systems and components by booking your vehicle in for an engine oil service at Oscar Auto Services Solutions. Thanks to our thorough and efficient process that have been fine-tuned with over 13 years of experience our passionate and professional team can complete simple and complex mechanical and technical works with ease and without wasting your time or your money.

Responsible for keeping all your engine’s components moving at high speeds without crashing into each other or wearing down to ineffective levels, engine oil is very much the lifeblood of your engine. Over thousands of kilometres of use dirt and other impurities can find its way into the oil system, which can degrade the engine and lead to repair and replacement costs leading into the thousands of dollars.


To save yourself a headache and your savings our expert team can conduct complete engine oil servicing and testing to determine the condition and quality of your vehicle’s engine oil. Completed on a regular basis our engine oil servicing gives you confidence in your car’s health and peace of mind everytime you get behind the wheel. Do the right thing by you car can get in touch with our helpful and friendly team today on 02 9763 2223.

Come in for our honest & friendly service, and you will stay for a lifetime.