Car Service

Keep your car happy and healthy by booking it in for a service at Oscar Auto Services Solutions. Since opening our workshop’s doors 13 years ago we have delivered modern and personalised automotive solutions based on our valued customer’s needs and requirements. Proudly offering cost-effective and reliable solutions designed to extend the life and performance of your vehicle we have the training, hands-on experience, and equipment necessary to keep your car running safer and longer on the roads.

As important to the health of your car as a check up at the doctors car servicing goes over the components and systems of your vehicle to identify any hidden signs of wear and tear or leaking fluids before they become major headaches that cause lasting and expensive damage to your vehicle.


By having the team at Oscar Auto Services routinely conduct car servicing you can enjoy a higher quality driving experience, increased fuel efficiency, and confidence in your vehicle everytime you get behind the wheel. Give your car the care and attention it deserves and book your next service with Oscar Auto Services on 02 9763 2223.

Come in for our honest & friendly service, and you will stay for a lifetime.